Screw Manufacturing Businesses in Turkey

The screw manufacturing industry is one of the most rapidly expanding markets in the Turkish economy. With further industrialization and development within Turkey and encouraging local high-production investments, the screw manufacturers in Turkey have led to a considerably immense rise among domestic screw manufacturers in Turkey and further led to accelerated high figures in terms of the country’s exports. The key reasons behind the success of these screw manufacturers as well as screw suppliers in Turkey are their considerable affiliation and work with industries that specialise in automobiles, white goods, and furniture that heavily rely on Turkish screws.

The Importance of Screws:

Fasteners or screws as they are commonly referred to are small mechanical devices capable of affixing two objects or surfaces together in permanent and non-permanent joints. Permanent joints tend to require a significant level of immense force behind them for the joining components to be taken apart. However, doing so will severely damage and in many cases destroy said components during the process. Examples of such joints include coupling and riveting.

Non-permanent joints on the other hand could just as easily be taken apart or dismantled without inflicting any long-lasting damage on the joining components. They vary in different shapes and sizes and are constructed from different materials making them ideal screws for a wide variety of usages.

Screw Supplier in Turkey:

For any potential customers out there in need of such fasteners, Selectron (one of the ideal screw producers) provides an array of screws in Turkey further categorised into two distinct types; self-drilling screws and self-tapping screws. Self-drilling screws in Turkey are primarily identified with a drill bit framed at the end of the point which essentially eliminates the need for a bit, lowering unnecessary costs for buying said bits and accelerating the installation process. These screws include star screw head screws, star cylinder head drill screws, lentil head screws, etc. all readily available at Selectron.

With a fast-moving world that is continuously growing in different and wondrous directions, these types of screws would certainly ease the burden for all metal and woodworkers out there. Then we have self-tapping screws in Turkey which are essentially the same thing however it lacks the framed bit at the end requiring a pilot hole to be made, specifically in metalworking. These include trapeze panel screws, roof fasteners, chipboard screws, etc. that once again you find on Selectron.

The Impact of the Screw Manufacturing Industry on Turkey:

The Turkish economy grew up to 21% in 2021 from an initial 9.2% setback in 2020. Despite such setbacks, Turkey has been an emerging market thanks to a sharp increase in its exports (thanks in part to its geopolitical strategic position serving as a natural hub and a bridge to both Europe and Asia) and a steady relaxation of its COVID-related restrictions on local businesses.

Turkey is an industrial centre of various manufacturing businesses. The automotive industry is the primary leading business within the secondary sector of Turkey, currently ranked as the 15th largest producer in the world. It also serves an important role in terms of export value and because of the country’s geographical positioning, many global automotive giants have made significant investments and expanded their productions and operations in Turkey. Due to an exceedingly high demand in Turkish screw producers (which in turn led to the significant rise in screw suppliers as well) the automotive industry uses up to 80% of these fasteners provided by domestic Turkish screw producers. This alone shows the sheer importance of screw manufacturers in Turkey. Additionally, screw suppliers in Turkey export to more than 170 countries with a projected goal of 1.5 billion USD by 2023 and are currently ranked as the third biggest screw manufacturer in Turkey among European countries falling shortly behind Italy and Germany.

The Verdict:

Turkey is a melting pot of screw manufacturers, currently serving as one of the largest and most influential producers in the entirety of Europe. Due to their exceedingly large investments in domestic markets and keeping up to date with the latest technology, Turkish screw producer are largely self-dependent and capable of utilising the raw materials provided by their own country without the need to rely heavily on imported goods.

Screw manufacturers and screw suppliers in Turkey also grow more ambitious with the generation tides, keeping a healthy workforce consisting of all dynamics, from young to old, that are well educated, bilingual, and self-aware of the growing changes within the rising markets, giving them an edge to adapt and change along the flow. For foreign investors and businesses, it is a prime opportunity to make headways and take part in this ever-growing utopia of screws in Turkey and expand their markets at the forefront of such a lucrative industry.