Turkish Fastener: Types, Importance, and Their Producers

Turkey is a huge market for Turkish fasteners, especially Turkish screws. Turkey has a very good ratio of Turkish fastener producers with fast-growing businesses. These producers not only run their business locally but they have very good stats in international business. This is the reason why it is being said that Turkey is one of the largest Turkish fastener markets and soon it will become one of the largest fastener suppliers globally.

Turkish fastener producers manufacture different kinds of fastener products like Anchoring, Lindapter, Screws, Threaded Rods & Studs, Structural Bolts, and Nuts. All of these Turkish fasteners are used in automobile, white goods, furniture, and industrial industries.
Most of these Turkish fastener producers deal in Turkish screws. They have expertise in all kinds of screws.

Types of Turkish Screws:

No matter the size, length, thickness, intricacy, surface treatment, material specifications, or coating, Turkish screws can be made to your exact specifications. Following are some major kinds of Turkish screws which are produced by highly experienced and perfectly skilled Turkish screws producers.

1. Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Screws:

These can be broken down into two types; Self-Drilling and Self-Tapping Screws. Self-Drilling Screws are primarily identified with a drill bit framed at the end of the point which essentially eliminates the need for a bit and accelerates the installation process. These Turkish screws include star screw head screws, star cylinder head drill screws, lentil head screws, etc. Self-Tapping Screws are essentially the same thing however, it lacks the framed bit at the end requiring a pilot hole to be made, specifically in metalworking. These Turkish Screws include trapeze panel screws, roof fasteners, chipboard screws, etc.

2. Clipboard Screws:

A self-tapping screw with a thin shaft and rough threads is known as a chipboard screw. These Turkish screws are designed to grasp this composite material and resist pulling out since the chipboard is composed of resin and wood dust or wood chips. The screws securely fasten the chipboard to other types of material, such as solid wood, or chipboard to other types of chipboard. There are many types of clipboard screws varying in material and type.

3. Drywall Screws:

Drywall Screws are the basic way to drywall to studs. These Turkish Screws have deeper threads than normal screws. This prevents them from displacing easily for any drywall. The material of these Turkish screws is steel and they require a power screwdriver to drill them into the drywall.

4. Roofing Screws:

Roofing screws are the kind of Turkish Screws that are made from hardened steel and chrome steel. These Turkish screws are best for applications like metal, plastic, and fibreglass roofing. Both metal and wooden structures can easily be fixed with the use of roofing screws. A sealing washer that helps prevent water seepage must be attached to every roofing screw. Roofing screws are one of the best-selling fasteners that Turkish screws producers manufacture.

5. Masonry Screws:

Masonry screws are the kind that is employed to fix things into different hard materials like bricks, stones, concrete, etc. They are made of solid steel, are strong, and are specially made to securely fasten goods into hard materials. It is best recommended to use only screws like masonry screws that are made especially for hard materials. Using unsustainable or normal screws and bolts may result in poor outcomes.

Turkish Screw Producers:

There is a big market for Turkish screw producers. They run a large industry that includes large-scale production as well as smaller producers who fill the diverse needs of the regional market. Turkish screw producers are ideal for business in Europe and Asia. All of these Turkish screw producers use modern production lines that are outfitted and have the newest technology and types of machinery. Big Turkish screw producers like Selectron have a very well-trained, experienced, and highly skilled team of workers and manufacturers. They all are keenly specialised in Turkish screws that are mentioned and explained above.

The Turkish World of Fasteners:

As every part of the world has its production specialties, Turkey has its own. Turkey is one of the biggest producers of Turkish fasteners. The major product that Turkish fasteners producers focus on is Turkish screws. Therefore, of all the producers the highest number is Turkish screws producers. It is an excellent chance for foreign enterprises and investors to participate in this constantly expanding Turkish screw utopia, and grow their markets at the forefront of such a valuable industry.